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 Imagine audio transfers of all your favorite LP, Cassette, Reel to Reel, DAT, Micro Cassette and Mini Disc recordings to CD!

Finally, you can listen to all your favorite music AGAIN!


      INDEBASEMENT Audio Transfer Services provides audio transfer of LP to cd, Cassette to cd, Reel to Reel to cd, Dat to cd, Micro cassette to cd & Mini disc to cd. 

We provide high quality reproduction of your valuable recordings and offer quick turnaround and even digital delivery!

All reproductions include 1 FREE CD-r and Paper Sleeve!

  • Equipment
  •   We use industry standard recording audio transfer equipment including Neumark turntables, Pioneer Cassette decks, Sony 1/4' reel to reel machine, Fostex DAT deck, Sony micro cassette and Sony mini disc players. 
  •  Noise Reduction
  •  We can provide additional noise reduction applications which reduces cassette hiss, lp pops, crackles, humm and more that may be present on your original sound source for a small additional per song fee.
  • Karaoke Style Tracks
  •   We can reduce the LEAD VOCAL of your favorite songs to create your own karaoke style back up track CD for a small additional per song fee. (from cd audio only, other audio sources may result in additional charges)
  • Free CD-r and Paper Sleeve
  • Your CD-r "first master" copy of your reporducton IS INCLUDED in the price of your order. Additional copies are a minimal extra charge. (see additional services)
  • A FREE Paper Sleeve holder for your CD-R is also included to protect your CD-r.
  • Delivery
  • We provide quick turnaround of your audio transfer reproductions, usually 2-3 business days.
  • If you are in the local Windsor/Detroit area, you can simply drop off your audio and pick up the finished CDs.
  • If you are outside the Windsor/Detroit area, you can ship your audio to us and we will ship everything back to you.
  • We ship worldwide using reliable Canada Postal services. 
  • We can also forward your reproduced tracks digitally to your email so you can instantly play them from your computer.
  • EZ Pricing  
  • Unlike our competition, we have easy to understand per song pricing.
  • Our audio transfer pricing is on a per song basis no matter what source your provide us with.
  • Our karaoke voice reduction prices are based on transfering from CD audio. If you wish to have the Lead Vocal reduced from other sound sources, (records, cassettes, etc), there is a small additional audio transfer to digital fee applied of $5 per song.  

Audio Transfer Pricing

 Best Selling Direct Audio Transfer to CD 

60 Minute Cassette - $14.97

LP Record - $19.97

90 Minute Cassette - 24.97

3-6 Songs - $4.97 per song 

1-2 Songs - $9.97

(Songs 6 minute maximum

 Audio Transfer with Noise Reduction

60 Minute Cassette - $24.97

LP Record - $29.97

90 Minute Cassette - 34.97

3-6 Songs - $9.97 per song 

1-2 Songs - $14.99

 (Songs 6 minute maximum)

 Karaoke Lead Vocal Reduction from CD Source 

15 or more songs - $2.99 per song

10-14 songs - $3.49 per song

5-9 Songs - $4.99 per song

3-4 Songs - $9.99 per song 

1-2 Songs - $14.99

Karaoke Lead Vocal reduction from other sources available. Please phone for details.


Fast Digital Delivery!

If you would like to instantly enjoy your music INSTANTLY on your computer, choose our fast digital delivery service. All songs are digitally converted to musical computer files MP3 or Wave.

We then email your digitized music instantly to your email box. Once delivered, you will be able to access and listen to those files the moment they are emailed to you!

Digital Delivery Service

1-4 songs - $2.99 per song

5-9 songs - $2.49 per song

10 or more - $1.99 per song

( All Prices are IN ADDITION TO Transfer Services)

 Additional Services and Products

CD-r copies with Paper Sleeve - $2.49 per extra copy

CD-r Disc Info Label - $3.49 per label

Slim line Jewel Case - $1.49

Printed Info Insert - $4.99

(All Printing Prices are for Black & White Print ONLY)

 EZ Payment and Shipping

If your in the Windsor Ontario / Detroit Michigan area, simply call 519-966-2150 for directions to drop off your music for audio transfer. We will contact you as soon as your CDs are ready and you can easily pick them up and pay on premise.

If you are outside the Windsor/Detroit area, simply call 519-966-2150 or email us with your order and we will send you instructions on shipping and safe secure PayPal payment options. 

EZ Payments can be made via cash, certified check, money order or safe secure credit card payments via PayPal.

Return shipping is made thru Canada Postal Services.

Shipping is paid by purchaser at time of order.

INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions / est.1995

 To order or for more information on Audio Transfers

Please contact INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions

Windsor Ontario CANADA

519-966-2150 /  Email 

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