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Why do Major Labels demand outside producers for thier artists?

Why do Movie Studios hire directors?  

Why do the biggest & best Sports Stars still have coaches

Because they all want to create the best professional product possible!!

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  A personal message from Producer Jimmy Graham

   If you want to create the best possible recordings to present to your fans, then the services of an experienced producer is mandatory. An experienced record producer will help you shape your songs by offering fresh suggestions and ideas that the songwriter may not have considered. Even small changes such as shortening song intros or weeding out simliar instrumentation can make huge differences in your fans enjoyment of your work.  

  A veteran producer should be experienced with the many instruments that create a great recording. Offering a vast knowledge of interesting bass patterns, cool guitar licks, drum arrangements, vocal chops as well as piano, synths, percussion, horn and stringed instuments will add a whole new dimension to your song ideas without changing the concept of the song itself.

   Top record producers also know the secret tricks to inspiring the best abilities of each musician preforming on the recording. A great producer will know and hear what the musician him or herself may not even believe is possible to achieve! Getting the best possible performance from each musician and vocalist is the key to incredible recordings. Knowing how to bring those performances out is the key to an excellent music producer.

    Most producers today are also trained and certified recording engineers who offer a wide variety of studio services. They know the art of recording,editing, mixing and  mastering.

   Finally, session management is a critical job of the recording producer. Knowing whats working and whats not, knowing that one more take could be "the keeper track" or when to just move on is a big talent of the producer. Your musical project, money and time is in the hands of the producer. An experienced producer will ALWAYS have your best interests in mind to get the very best results while staying within your recording budget.

   I have been a professional musician, producer, engineer and remixer for 25 years. I pride myself on helping my clients achieve their musical visions and bring out the best qualities of each special song. At the end of each recording project, I'd love to be able to play your cd for myself and others enjoyment. I am as big of a music fan than anything else!

Is there an extra charge for Producer Services?

   No, my production services and arrangement suggestions are all part of my recording studio services. I always strive to help my clients achieve the best musical results for their songs. Therefore I will make suggestions on song arrangement (intro, verse, chorus structure), instrument arrangement, chord structure, vocal melody, beginnings, endings and more. All suggestions are simply that and I am not offended in the least if a suggestion is not accepted or used by the client. I merely want to give each client expert options on how to get the best results from their music

You are the Executive Producer and I work for you!  

   Producer Jimmy Graham's production/engineering credits include work with NBA Superstar Grant Hill,(rap project), Subway Sandwiches (national commercial spot), singer, songwriter Beth Nielson Chapman (Bonnie Raitt, Faith Hill), syndicated radio show The Tom Leykis Show, 97.1 FM - Detroit,Westwood One Radio-Los Angeles, Broadcast Support Systems - Los Angeles, Atlantic Records - New York, CJAM 2002 Artist of the Year - Kanabalistic, Stacey Heydon (David Bowie guitarist, Sherriff, Teenage Head) G.F.I. Records - New York, Tony Gross (New York Producer, guitarist for Head East), Yancyy, My October, Crystal Gauthier, Julie Kryk & more!!


  My Limited Time Recording Studio Offer

      Keep in mind that I personally work together with every client, therefore my time is very limited.  I also only work with artists that take their original music seriously and want to record a quality digital audio music product. (my reputation is on the line as well as yours!).

        As of 04/14/2014, I have only 2 openings for music projects within the next month and recording studio bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance.

    Don't Miss Out!  

     If you truly want to record with a professional Producer/Engineer in a top notch Windsor Ontario & Michigan recording studio, you must call today and find out how affordable it is to make a REAL Major Label Quality CD!!

     Phone me today - 519-966-2150 or email me

     Sincerely, Jimmy Graham  

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Producer Jimmy Graham


"Working with Jimmy was a wonderful experience. He really went to the wall for our project with his valuable expertise. There'n no way we would have been able to capture 18 songs live off the floor without him behind the console"

Frank Foxx - The Jumpkatz