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Want to make your Home Studio Recordings sound great?

Have your home studio recordings mixed at a Windsor Ontario Michigan recording studio -INDEBASEMENT Audio Productions!

     It's easy to do!

windsor ontario mixing remixing - imageSimply record your music project in your home recording studio THEN bring in your SD2  or Wave files from your project studio on CD and have your music professionally mixed by Jimmy Graham on our high end analog mixing console.

Home Recording Studio Mixing Remixing Rates 

$15 per track per song (minimum 8 tracks)

3 full songs for $249 (maximum 10 tracks per song)

Albums - $899 (unlimited tracks, 8 song maximum)

Call for details


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"Working with Jimmy was a wonderful experience. He really went to the wall for our project with his valuable expertise. There'n no way we would have been able to capture 18 songs live off the floor without him behind the console"

Frank Foxx - The Jumpkatz